How we do


Mondays suck. You’re stuck shuffling through the start of your week’s responsibilities droopy-eyed and cloudy-headed. Maybe you could try something new. Maybe you could get yourself a treat that would emancipate you from the bondages of your own personal hell. That’s where we come in. 

Saving Mondays: bakery by day, bakery by night. Your freedom could take the form of a cookie. Maybe a muffin. Shit we’ve even got croissants, scones and all that good stuff. Vegans and celiacs rejoice! We would never forget about you. 

So anytime you’re feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed by school or work, or if you simply want to make a good day great - stick it to the man, grab a treat, and let that decadence soothe your soul.

Wholesale, for now – retail coming real soon. Check us out at one of our local partners in the meantime: